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Cleveland Council Executive Director

Marci Curtis 

Marci Curtis stepped into the Executive Director position in November 2018.  She brought her extensive knowledge of the nonprofit, government, and private sectors.  Ms. Curtis’ expertise in organization administration, strategic planning, event management, and fundraising helps NA’AMAT’s CLEVELAND COUNCIL grow in the greater Cleveland area.

Cleveland Council Board President
Melanie Kutnick 

Melanie has been a member of NA'AMAT for nearly 40 years. She has held various positions in the Cleveland Council, including the Kadima chapter. Professionally, she worked as a nurse at University Hospitals, Kaiser Medical Center, and Menorah Park.


Since retiring from Menorah Park in 2014, Melanie has become involved as a volunteer in multiple organizations, including Meals on Wheels, Community Partnership on Aging, Highland Heights Commission on Aging, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

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