Judith Shamir, Honoree
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Judith Shamir has been committed to Jewish education for 50 years beginning in Israel and continuing in Cleveland. Her life has been one of service to Jewish children instilling knowledge, love, and respect for our values, customs, and traditions, and strengthening their ties to Israel. Holding numerous positions, Judith served as an educational consultant at the Bureau of Jewish Education, HebrewLanguage Program Coordinator and Instructor for the ClevelandCollege of Jewish Studies, and as the Lead Teacher of the Lower School at Gross Schechter Day School. Judith was the Superintendent of the Cleveland Hebrew School Talmud Torah for 25 years.

Currently, she serves as Hebrew Literature Instructor at the Laura and Alvin Siegal
Lifelong Learning Program at Case Western Reserve University. Judith wrote and presented the “A Moment of Hebrew” program on WCLV radio and has co-authored several Jewish educational texts.


A child survivor hidden during the Holocaust, Judith believes in the importance of teaching today’s youth about the events of the Holocaust and the horrific consequences that follow when good people stand by. Over the years she has addressed various audiences from interfaith groups to day school and college students. Through her involvement in the “Face to Face” program, she speaks to students in the public school systems and Catholic Diocese.

A life member of NA’AMAT USA Cleveland Council, Judith is currently the Vice
President of Programming. She joined the National Board of NA’AMAT USA in 2019,
where she is presently on the Membership and Program Committees.
Judith lives in Moreland Hills with her husband Izhak. They have 3 children:
Dr. Dan (Liz) Shamir, Rachel (Aaron) Lapp, and Daphne (Richard) Soclof. They
are blessed with grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Proceeds from Today’s Event

NA’AMAT, the largest provider of childcare services in Israel, welcomes 17,000
pre-school boys and girls to its 200 centers where they develop the skills needed to
succeed in school and in life. Recognizing the importance of early childhood
education, NA’AMAT pioneered preschool education programs that became the
model for Project Head Start in the United States.

Twenty-three of these centers are designated as “multi-purpose.” In a warm and
secure environment, individual attention is given to children who have been
orphaned, abused, traumatized, or have come from homes afflicted by poverty
or other difficult family situations. Specially trained counselors, teachers, and psychologists work with these young and innocent victims to help them feel safe and secure. Proceeds from today’s Golda Meir Award Celebration will be distributed to these 23 multi-purpose daycare centers.  more...

NA’AMAT is always trying to keep up with the needs of a changing and emerging
society. Construction never stops as the centers require constant upkeep, renovation, and additions. Last year, we opened several new daycare centers in Netanya and
Haifa. We also celebrated the festive opening of a new center in Be’er Sheva
dedicated in memory of Alice Howard, one of our past national presidents.

NA’AMAT – Empowering Women & Children

NA’AMAT (formerly Pioneer Women) began 95 years ago with a plea from Israel
to build a well for the women working in the fields building a nation. Today,
NA’AMAT USA sister movement to NA’AMAT Israel and is the largest Jewish women’s
organization in the world, counting more than 300,000 members worldwide.

Along with its daycare centers, NA’AMAT provides funding for technological and
agricultural high schools, educational scholarships, women’s shelters, legal aid
bureaus, women’s rights centers, and family health centers. It is also a powerful
voice in advocating for equal rights, religious freedom, and world peace.

As times have changed, so have NA’AMAT’s approaches to improving the status
of women. In the twenty-first century, we are reaching out to new generations of
women to join our partnership with NA’AMAT Israel to improve the lives of women,
children, and families in Israel. Visit www.naamat.org for more information.

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Golda Meir Award

Golda Meir was an Israeli teacher, kibbutznik, stateswoman, politician, and the
fourth prime minister of Israel. She, and other leaders of the women’s workers
movement in Palestine, played conspicuous roles in the life of the organization.
We honor Golda Meir’s legacy through this Award, given to a woman of distinction,
a woman who gives of her heart, time, and commitment to the Jewish community.
Mrs. Meir, the National Secretary of NA’AMAT in the 1930s, said: “NA’AMAT is
the first and last women’s organization for which I ever worked.”