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Women of Diversity

NA’AMAT is proud to work with a diversified population of Israeli citizens of all ethnicities including Jews, Arabs, Christians and Druze.

NA’AMAT’s partnership with Arab women goes back to 1954, when the movement started providing sewing, cooking and Hebrew language classes in Arab villages. Over the decades, NA’AMAT has built bridges of understanding and support between Jewish and Arab Israeli women. Today, NA’AMAT is more involved in promoting the Israeli Arab woman’s quality of life than any other organization in the country.

Building on decades of interaction between Jewish and Arab women, NA’AMAT will continue to support Israel’s search for peace with its Arab neighbors and to work for better lives for all women and their families in Israel.

Services for Children and Youth

NA’AMAT provides Arab children with a warm, educational environment in our daycare centers and kindergartens. As more Arab women take on full-time jobs outside their home, the demand for daycare is increasing.

Hundreds of Arab adolescents benefit from NA’AMAT classes through the NA’AMAT technological high schools. Jewish and Arab teens form bonds of understanding and friendship through their studies and social activities.

Adult education is another important facet of NA’AMAT’s programs for Arab women. Vocational courses enable women to gain employment or to earn an income from work done at home. Networks for Jewish and Arab businesswomen provide monthly educational and social meetings for the advancement of entrepreneurs.

Services for Women

NA’AMAT s legal aid services provide valuable assistance to Arab women. In addition to dealing with the general questions or equal opportunity and employment that Arab women may have, NA’AMAT offers the services of experts in personal matters who are familiar with Arab women’s needs and rights.

Arab and Jewish women participate in a number of activities together. These include regional meetings and national programs, such as the Status of Women Month and the day honoring working women and volunteers.

NA’AMAT’s services in the Arab community have helped to advance the Arab woman’s status in society and to prepare youth for productive lives.

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