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Daycare Centers


NA’AMAT, the largest provider of childcare services in Israel, welcomes 17,000 pre-school boys and girls to its 200 centers into a warm, nurturing learning environment in which they develop the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. Our world renowned day care is for children ranging from ages 3 months up until 3 years. Recognizing the importance of early childhood education, NA’AMAT pioneered preschool education programs that became the model for Project Head Start in the United States.

Employing innovative programs and the latest educational trends and materials, a dedicated and caring staff of certified professionals supervise activities which emphasize individual attention and, where needed, appropriate testing and intervention along with confidence-building group activities.

Twenty-three centers are designated as “multi-purpose.” In a warm and secure environment, individual attention is given to orphans and to children who have been abused, traumatized by terrorism or have come from homes afflicted by poverty or other difficult family situations. Specially trained counselors, teachers and psychologists work with these young and innocent victims to help them feel safe and secure.

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The children receive affection, understanding, guidance, good nutrition, recreational and educational opportunities that prepare them to become productive citizens. The multi-purpose day care centers have longer hours to accommodate working parents. These hours range from 7 am – 7 pm. For this extended care, the children can be up to 6 years old.


NA’AMAT is always trying to keep up with the needs of a changing and emerging society. Construction never stops as the centers require constant upkeep, renovation and additions. Last year, we opened several new day care centers in Netanya and one in the Technion in Haifa. We also celebrated the festive opening of a new center in Be’er Sheva dedicated in memory of Alice Howard, one of our past national presidents.

NA’AMAT welcomes all with tuition based on the family’s ability to pay. Even with the sliding scale, many families live below the poverty line and cannot afford even the subsidized fees. NA’AMAT USA raises funds specifically to help these families in need.

Daycare Center Opening in BE'ER SHEVA
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