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Our roots go back to the founding women of Israel, dedicated pioneers who envisioned a Jewish homeland with an educated, productive society, and equal opportunity for all its citizens.  Today our mission is the same as it was then, to support the vision and work of NA’AMAT Israel, a partnership we began with the founding women of Israel in 1925, and continue today.

This unwavering connection closely links American and Israeli women in the daily effort to provide essential day care to more than 18,000 children, to protect women and children being threatened with domestic violence, to care for the youth unable to be properly cared for by their parents, to provide critical legal counsel and to advocate for better conditions for women in the home and workplace.  Your membership fee supports these many life sustaining services, programs and facilities that change the lives of Israeli citizens every day.

NA’AMAT is a sisterhood of strength and the largest women’s movement in Israel, with offices in 10 countries.  Golda Meir, National Secretary of NA’AMAT in the 1930s said in one of her most well-known quotes that NA’AMAT was “the first and last women’s organization for which I ever worked.”  Whatever stage of life you are in, there is a place for you in NA’AMAT.  Brucha Haba’a, welcome home to NA’AMAT!

Express your life-long commitment to ensuring a better future for the women and children of Israel with a Life Membership.  NA’AMAT is where you make friends for life, support one another, socialize together and meet like-minded women who value social justice and a safe, democratic society and homeland for the Jewish people.

Affiliate Membership

Gift an Affiliate Life Membership (under 18 years of age) in honor of a birth, special occasion, or welcome a new daughter-in-law into the family.  It is truly a gift for life.


Get to know NA’AMAT and meet other women in your local Jewish community who share your passion for helping the most vulnerable in need.  NA’AMAT women are wives, sisters, daughters and mothers of every age expressing their Jewish values in helping Israeli citizens.

Friend of NA’AMAT Membership

Friends of NA’AMAT (life and annual male members) support the vast array of social services, educational and health care programs and services that NA’AMAT USA funds in Israel.

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